Published: 07/03/2022 By Rienske De Baere


Being one of Islington’s leading Estate Agents, Alwyne Estates loves being up to date using innovating tools to market properties. That’s why we’ve decided to use today’s technology and implement virtual 360° viewings. Keeping in mind the comfort of our clients, especially during these strange COVID times.
We all know how important it is to view a property when you’re looking to buy or to rent. It’s a key element in the process of deciding whether a certain property is or could be the one. This tool gives you the opportunity to get a first impression, that you can’t quite get by just looking at images. Making you feel like you are right there in the premises, but not really. All from within your own living room!

The tool offers an interactive experience which gives our clients the control to explore the properties we have available at their own pace. As the market is booming, especially in Highbury and Islington, and with properties going so fast, it can be difficult to get around to travel all the way to view the property in time. Attending a virtual tour can be a way to solve this problem!

Virtual viewings are not meant as a replacement of actual in person viewings, but they can give you a really good idea of the layout of a property. Potential tenants and buyers can get a good image of whether they can actually see themselves living there or not. Making a more informed decision to book an in person viewing, giving them the opportunity to authentically experience the property. This can be time saving for both the estate agent and the client.
Have you missed something, or do you just want to view it again? No worries, you can do the virtual viewings as many times as you want!